Being Grumpy Has Never Tasted So Good

Myrtle Beach’s Grumpy Monk Restaurant and Brewpub.

If you have spent some time drinking, living and loving craft brews, chances are you’re at least familiar with the Trappist Monks. These unique monks use old world brewing techniques to brew small-batch beers in an effort to support themselves and their abbey. The beer they brew is considered by many to be the best in the world. Along the same lines, if you live or vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, there is another monk doing unique great things you should be aware of, The Grumpy Monk.

In 2015 owners Chris, Harry and Greg pulled their vast knowledge of restaurants and brewpubs together to come up with one outstanding idea.

In 2015 owners Chris, Harry and Greg pulled their vast knowledge of restaurants and brewpubs together to come up with one outstanding idea. They took their collective experience that covers everything from running and owning over 40 sushi bars, learning from the best The Marriott has to offer and better than 30 years of general restaurant management and put all the good from those into a relaxed atmosphere. Throw in nearly 50 draft and 20 bottled craft beers, what’s not to love, right? Well, I haven’t even touched on their menu yet. They literally have anything you might be in the mood for, including craft food, casual grub, crab legs and yes, even sushi.

Grumpy Monk sushi

The guys at Grumpy Monk took all of this goodness and pushed it even further. Whichever night of the week you choose to visit, you’re walking right into a special. These specials offer half-off all drafts, happy hour priced food and free pint glass giveaways when you purchase drafts. They also have rooms available to rent for private parties, and with all of this going on they even find some time to do some catering. They also feature one of the crowning jewels of Myrtle Beach in August with Monk-a-palooza. Monk-a-palooza is a craft brew festival like none other in the area that includes more than 30 craft breweries.

As busy as these monks stay creating an amazing unique atmosphere, they haven’t lost sight of supporting local businesses and charities. Their craft brew selection has 12 local Carolina craft brews to choose from. If your cupboard ever becomes overloaded from collecting glasses on pint night you can return them to be turned into local donations. To this point they have turned almost 12,000 glass giveaways into $5,000 to support charities.

monk logo

As the old adage goes, “There is nothing certain except taxes and death”. If you frequent the area you are aware of one more certainty, you will at some point be stuck on 501 in dead-stop traffic for hours coming through Carolina Forest. Rather than sitting in a hot sweaty car, sticking to the seat, wouldn’t that time be better served waiting in an incredible atmosphere eating outstanding food and enjoying a cold beer? This shouldn’t be a choice you have to think too long about.

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