Budweiser has a new name, and that name is America


Budweiser is renaming its beer “America.” The beer Budweiser will henceforth be known as America. When you gingerly lift a tall boy of Budweiser out of your bodega’s fridge, what you’ll really be lifting is a tall boy of America. Got it? Budweiser, the King of Beers, will now respond only to its new chosen name, America.

Source: Budweiser has a new name, and that name is America

As sickening as this sounds, unfortunately, this is a true story. That’s right the Belgian/Brazilian-owned AB InBev will spend their summer calling their Flagship beer “America.” Not surprisingly this isn’t their first attempt in using a country as a marketing ploy.

They have had to pay class action law suits for claiming that Becks was a product of Bremen, Germany as well as a second one where consumers were led to believe that Kirin Ichiban was imported from Japan. AB InBev claims that all Budweiser sold in the U.S. is brewed in the U.S., but they have already proven themselves not to be entirely honest with such things.

Either way, this is just an attempt at a clever marketing scheme to convince us that Budweiser is iconic and synonymous with America. Vice President of Noth American Marketing Jorn Socquet states “You have this wave of patriotism that is going up and down throughout the summertime, and we found with Budweiser such a beautiful angle to play on that sentiment.” Angle or an attempt to re-capture their sliding market place in the U.S. beer market? You be the judge.

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Budweiser has a new name, and that name is America

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