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Must Have Craft Beer Mobile Apps

These days there seems to be a mobile app for just about any occasion. Of course, there’s the typical where to eat, bank and sleep apps most of us are familiar with. If you need an app that makes a fake phone call to get out of a meeting or awkward situation? There’s an app for that. Feeling lonely and need some random stranger to cuddle with? Yes…there is an app for that. Craft beer has not been impervious to the mobile app rage, and many of them are quite handy as well as entertaining. If you aren’t already using them these are some of the better apps that are worth the download.

1. Untappd


This is among the most popular craft brew apps out on the market today. If you are a social media junkie and haven’t checked this app out yet it’s worth the download. Untappd is the Facebook of craft beers except for cat and baby pictures, it’s all about craft brew pictures and locations. What started off as a BeerAdvocate knock-off has turned into a much more social sharing app. You can see what people are drinking locally or from around the world as well as read and share reviews and ratings from 1-5. Much like Facebook and other social media sites one can develop a friend network and toast (like) what others are drinking and post comments. This app also keeps track of your beers shared in a journal and will reward you with badges for hitting certain criteria. It can also recommend other beers based off of your shared styles and lets you find nearby businesses that serve it.

2. iBrewMaster 2


If you are more than just the ultimate craft beer fan and love to brew your own this app is a must have. IBrewMaster 2 contains 600 pre-loaded beer recipes from all over the world plus 200 recipes you can purchase as well. All of the recipes are capable of being edited to your particular taste and added to your own to the database. The app will also provide estimated calculations for your end product. The app guides you through the entire brew process and provides estimates on things like alcohol content and calories. The iBrewMaster 2 app includes a list of local suppliers for ingredients as well as craft beer sellers in case you prefer to buy rather than brew your own.

3. Tap Hunter


Tap Hunter is another popular app that has been around for awhile. This is an easy-to-use app that provides updated tap lists from bars and watering holes around the world. You’ll always be the first to know where to find your favorite craft brew locally or what your favorite bar has on tap with its customizable activity stream. Tap Hunter also allows you to share updates to social media directly from that app so there is no separate account needed as with Untappd. The biggest drawback with Tap Hunter is it requires wherever you purchase your beer to sign up with them and stay updated. If your favorite haunts aren’t on the list, it may not be all that helpful.

4. Pairwise


Once upon a time pairing food with beverages was left to the wine connoisseurs and snobs. This isn’t so much case anymore as craft beer and food pairings are becoming more common every day. Many restaurants having serving suggestions for beer depending on your meal. The Pairwise app makes this easy to either do your own research while at your favorite restaurant or while planning your meal at home. This app works both ways as well. If you know what you are in the mood to drink, Pairwise will make food suggestions to go with it. And vise- if you have something in mind for the menu it can also provide suggestions for the best brews to go with it. Pairwise comes equipped with a database of over of 1,500 foods and more than 26,000 beers.

5. Drizly


At some point, most of us may have run into that crisis known as a craft beer shortage. That point where the party is still going strong but the fridge is running low on the good stuff. Maybe we can’t get away to fix the problem, are feeling lazy or perhaps shouldn’t be traveling to the local beer store at this point. Whatever the reason Drizly can help you come up with a solution. The app partners with local liquor stores to serve up their entire inventory including a great selection of craft beer. This on-demand alcohol delivery service will bring a great craft selection directly to your home or office in under an hour all for just a $5 flat rate delivery fee. This app has great potential at a very reasonable price, it is still in his infancy and is only limited to about 20 cities at this point. The guys at Drizly are on to a great idea,  this list keeps growing.

6. BeerMenus


BeerMenus offers also of the same features that Tap Hunter has but also expands on the capabilities and searches. This comprehensive tap list app that also branches out to include the inventory of select bottle shops and liquor stores throughout the US. Type in the name of the beer you’re looking for and BeerMenus will provide you with places nearby that are currently offering that beer. Or, if you know where you’re going, simply search for the restaurant, bar or brewpub you’ll be going to and check the menu.

7. Next Glass


This is one of my favorite apps I use on a regular basis. If the local beer store is out of your favorite brand, happen to be somewhere that doesn’t carry it or want to try something different Next Glass is a great app. Next Glass scans the label, not the UPC code, of your bottle or can and makes recommendations for other varieties you might enjoy. The accuracy is pretty remarkable with the suggestions it comes up with based on your taste. The more one uses the app the more refined and accurate the taste profile it builds becomes. With Next Glass you also include your own ratings on the app’s suggestions to further improve recommendations.

Craft beer apps are becoming as common as craft brew websites. For what’s on the market today so far these are proven to be the most useful, easy to use and give the most accurate recommendations based on your taste. Whether you’re brewing, trying to find your favorite beer , are in the mood for something different or just want to share with the world the tasty new creation you found, as with anything else…there’s an app for that.

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