Craft Beer’s Good Guys Strike Back


It seems almost on a weekly basis anymore we’re reading about one craft brewery selling their soul and giving up control to big beer companies. Along with selling out to big beer companies, they are also selling out to shady investor groups who are more worried about the brewery’s bottom line than the beer itself.


Enter some of the good guys from the world of craft brew. If you don’t know who Greg Koch and Steve Wagner are, you surely know Stone Brewing in Escondido, California. Greg and Steve are the co-founders of Stone Brewing, craft beer advocates, and one of big beer’s biggest antagonists. If that’s not enough to like them already, they also have a plan to keep big beer and shady investment group’s fingers out of everybody’s pie.

Probably the biggest reason smaller craft beers sell minority shares to outside interests is the need for expansion. But expansion is expensive, and the money has to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, if history has taught us anything, most of the craft breweries who open that Pandora’s Box, in the end, either sell a majority of the brewery or sell out entirely.

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True Craft offers these smaller craft breweries the financial chance to expand while maintaining their control and keeping the conglomerates out of their business. True Craft would use investment funds to purchase minority shares, 25% or less, of these breweries affording them backing for their expansion as well as keeping craft beer truely craft beer. The idea sounds outstanding, though few details have been released at this point. What details that have been released are in the linked article, but this could be a great counter punch to big beer’s buying frenzy.


True Craft is a $100-million attempt to rescue craft breweries from cost-cutting investors and Big Beer, say Stone Brewing co-founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner, who announced the venture last week.

Source: Venture offers craft breweries an alternative to ‘selling out to Big Beer’ – LA Times

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