Dogfish Head

Whatever You Seek, One Brewpub Has Your Taste In Mind

Dogfish Head’s off-center crafted beers, restaurants and Inn.

Founded in June 1995, Dogfish Head started off as a one-of-a-kind brewpub and almost thirty years later they continue to follow that trend. Sam Calagione opened the doors to Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, the first brewpub to be established in the resort town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Not only was Dogfish Head the first of its kind in Delaware, but it was also the smallest commercial brewery in America.

The Dogfish Head name is derived from Dogfish Head, Maine the town where Sam spent his childhood summers. His original vision was to bring his brand of original beer, wood-grilled food and music to the area. What started off as a small 36-gallon a week, one brand of beer company quickly gained a reputation and vast following. They became widely known not only for their sublime off-center ales, but their fresh-grilled seafood, burgers, pizzas and original sandwiches as well. In 1996 Dogfish Head expanded their brew house by thirty-fold, and by 1999 were distributing 5 brands year round to a dozen different states. By 2002 once again expansion had become necessary and the entire operation moved to a revamped 100,000-square-foot cannery. About the same time, just to mix things up, Sam decided to convert the second floor of his original restaurant to a distillery for rum, vodka and gin.

By 2014 Dogfish Head had established four successful restaurants and a wildly successful brewery. What could you possibly add to that? How about The Dogfish Head Inn, a 16-room hotel in Lewes, Delaware, that, like the rest of the company and its history, offers a completely one-of-a-kind experience. From shuttled tours of their brewery to mini-fridges full of locally made snacks or a cup of their Dogfish Chicory coffee on the patio, Dogfish Head continues to find unique ways to satisfy, no matter what it is you seek.

Photo by Bernt Rostad

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