There’s Much More To A Meal Than Just…Budweiser.

Pairing craft brews with your meals to enhance your culinary experience.

Often, times when “pairing” foods is discussed the first thought is wine. For years wine connoisseurs have had ready suggestions and opinions on what type of wine goes best with the meal you are eating. Light white wines go with your veggies, breads and fish. Light and medium reds go with your chicken and seafood. Medium and big reds go with your red and smoked meats. The list goes on.

In the age where beer is no longer “just beer,” almost an afterthought to wash down whatever it is you happen to be dining on, but more of a finely crafted art. The craft brew you choose can be just as much a part of your meal as the entrée. Think of it, you’re sitting down with your favorite rack of succulent ribs, homemade coleslaw, and fresh corn on the cob. Do you really want to drink something that just tastes like another helping of, well, corn? Would you rather have something that just tastes like a stale version of what you are already eating? Or something that can enhance the whole culinary experience? In recent years it is becoming more commonplace for beer connoisseurs and restaurants alike to begin pairing these superlative creations with their meals. A classic IPA along side your favorite spicy food, a well crafted porter to compliment that delicious blackened Ahi tuna or a dry stout paired with that perfectly cooked medium-rare rib eye can change the complexion of the entire meal.

Food pairings are no longer just for wine, but with the advent of craft brews, what beer you drink is becoming just as popular and can have just as a profound effect on your entire meal.

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