Tis’ The Season For Craft Beer Week

National And Local Craft Brew Weeks Take Over The Month Of May

     It seems every day we wake up it’s to some kind of national day. National Law Day, Life Insurance Day, Mother Goose Day, Lumpy Rug Day even a National Paperclip Day (I swear I couldn’t make these up if I tried, check them out for yourself.) In the midst of all this “day” madness, there are certain weeks that craft beer drinkers can really appreciate and celebrate craft beer.

Although the official American Craft Brew Week has come and gone (May 16 – 22) there still plenty of localized events happening through the end of May and first week of June. Typically these are tough to put into a calendar format, as there are so many events happening in each local area, the event would be over by the time it all got added. This is more of a general rundown of some of the areas with upcoming beer weeks and some of the happenings.


  • Chicago Craft Beer Week  (May 19 – 29)


The 7th annual Chicago Craft Beer Week is an 11 – day event that includes over 400 bars, breweries, restaurants, stores and many other venues. It kicked off on May 19th with Beer Under Glass and concludes with a final event Welles Park Craft Beer Festival with 500 events in between. Some,  but not nearly all of the upcoming events include:


  • Central Oregon Beer Week (May 20 – 29)


It should come as no surprise that the Oregon Beer Week was extended to 10 days instead of seven. The featured event of the 10 – day event is the SmaSH Fest on May 28. This is a festival in celebration of single malt single hop craft beers. Dozens of other bars, restaurants and breweries are hosting events including:


  •  Beer Week New Mexico (May 26 – June 5)


The Albuquerque Beer Week celebration is a 10 – day event that covers bars, breweries, restaurants and venues throughout the city. The headlining event Albuquerque Brews And Blues event takes place May 26 at Albuquerque Brewing Company. Some of the other events throughout the 10 days include:


  • Outer Banks Beer Week (May 30 – June 5)


Celebrate seven days of great brews and events on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Events will take place at bars and restaurants all across the area. The headlining events will be BrewFest and Brewathlon Adventure Race on June 5. Some of the other events taking place during the week are:

  • Brewvana at The Roadside – June 1
    • 1193 Duck Road, Duck, NC 27949


This is just a short list of Beer Week events really happening all over the North American continent. Check out listings in areas near you, because trust me, anything has to be more fun than National Two Different Colored Shoes Day.

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