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Seasonal Release: DeSchutes Hopzeit Autumn IPA

ABV: 7.0% IBUs: 60 Hops: Herkules, Sterling, Hull Melon Malts: Munich, Vienna, Pilsner Distribution: Deschutes distribution map.   Inspired by a traditional Märzenbier, German hops add herbal, fruit and spice notes to balance the smooth and elegant malt character.

Seasonal Release: Tin Roof Game Day IPA

ABV: 4.3% IBUs: 42 Hops:  Simcoe, Amarillo, Mosaic, Warrior Malts: Pale, Pilsner, CaraPils, Munich, Caramel 60 Distribution: Tin Roof distribution map.   Nice and easy drinking…perfect for hours of tailgating. This beer isn’t just hop water, though. Gameday Session IPA has a wonderfully balanced profile and is full of Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic, and Warrior hops. This …

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Seasonal Release: Blackberry Farm Brewery Fall Saison

ABV: 5.7% IBUs: 30 Hops: Styrian Aurora, Styrian Golding Malts: Weyermann Floor Malted Pilsner, Floor Malted Dark, Pale Rye and Cararye Malt Distribution: Blackberry Farm distribution map.    A seasonal yet classic Old World-style beer, artisan crafted and bottle-conditioned right here in our East Tennessee brewery, this Fall Saison is effervescent and bready—like Autumn in a glass. …

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Seasonal Release: Heavy Seas Great’er Pumpkin Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Ale

ABV: 10% Malts: British crystal malt Distribution: Heavy Seas distribution map.   In the most worthy of pumpkin patches and during the silence of the midnight hour, the Greater Pumpkin raises up and pours a rich deep and burnished orange color. Heady aromas of bourbon, cinnamon, ginger, allspice and clove linger seductively over the thick white …

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Seasonal Release: Thomas Creek Pumpkin Ale

ABV: 7.3% IBUs: 26.5 Hops: Hallertau, Cascade Malts: Pale, Biscuit, Bonlander Munich, Crystal, Honey, Breiss Cherry Wood Smoked Distribution: Thomas Creek distribution map.   Brewmaster Tom and Tastemaster Bill consider Pumpkin Ale the perfect late summer early fall beer.  It is brewed with pumpkin, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and other natural spices. These hand-crushed, whole spices …

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Craft Beer Apps On Tap

Must Have Craft Beer Mobile Apps These days there seems to be a mobile app for just about any occasion. Of course, there’s the typical where to eat, bank and sleep apps most of us are familiar with. If you need an app that makes a fake phone call to get out of a meeting or awkward situation? There’s an …

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Seasonal Release: Boulevard Brewing Ginger Lemon Radler

  IBU: 12 ABV: 4.1% Hops: Bravo, Zeus, Summit Malt: Pale malt, malted wheat, unmalted wheat Zesty, refreshing take on the tradition of mixing beer with soda or lemonade to create a light, thirst-quenching beverage ideal for warm weather.

New Release: New Belgium Botanical Imperial IPA

IBU: 85 ABV: 8.5% Hops: Brave, Cascade, Sterling, Willamette Malts: Pale, Caramel-120 Availability: Draft Only Intensified citrusy, herbal and spicy hop flavors with a blast of essential oils from backyard botanicals basil, sage and juniper to create the freshest IPA around.

Russian River Brewing Temptation Ale Clone Recipe

Ingredients: Wyeast 1214 (Belgian Ale) or White Labs WLP550 (Belgian Ale) yeast Wyeast 5112 (Brettanomyces bruxellensis) or White Labs WLP650 (Brettanomyces bruxellensis) yeast Wyeast 5335 (Lactobacillus) or White Labs WLP677 (Lactobacillus) bacteria Wyeast 5733 (Pediococcus) bacteria 1 cup corn sugar (for priming) Malts: 2 lb. 6 oz. (5.6 kg) 2-row pale or Pils malt 10 …

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Being Grumpy Has Never Tasted So Good

Myrtle Beach’s Grumpy Monk Restaurant and Brewpub. If you have spent some time drinking, living and loving craft brews, chances are you’re at least familiar with the Trappist Monks. These unique monks use old world brewing techniques to brew small-batch beers in an effort to support themselves and their abbey. The beer they brew is considered by many to be the best in the world. …

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Seasonal Release: Left Hand Brewing Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter

  IBU: 33 ABV: 6.0% Color: Black Hops: Centennial, Cascade Malts: 2-Row, Munich, Chocolate, Crystal, Carafa Innately predisposed to be smooth when Poured Hard, this nitro coffee porter builds a pillowy, toffee-sweet head. Coffee and flavors of caramelized sugar, cacao and hints of blueberry lead to a light, smoky finish. The official Hard Wired Nitro …

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Seasonal Release: Cigar City Sardo Numspa Imperial Stout

IBU: 14 ABV: 11.5% Color: Chocolate Brown Inspired by Devil’s Food Cake, this brew is a high gravity stout with real roasted hazelnuts, two different varietals of cacao nibs, Indonesian vanilla, and rested on cypress wood. Named in honor of the best devil from the 80’s, the dear, sweet, Sardo Numpsie.  

New Release: Victory Blackboard Series Agave IPA

IBU: 35 ABV: 7% Color: Light  amber Hops: Simcoe, Citra, Centennial, Cascade Malts: Pilsner, CaraPils Fresh, crisp and clean, this ale offers bold and refreshing flavors. Touched with agave syrup and grapefruit juice, this brew boasts great hop aroma and a light citric bite.

Sierra Nevada Five Hop Experimental IPA Headed To Variety Pack

Sierra Nevada Five Hop Experimental IPA, created with five different experimental hop varieties yet to be named, arrives in January, 2016. Leave it to Sierra Nevada to come up with another hoppy creation. With Hoptimum and Hop Hunter already under their belts as exceptional brews, expect more of the same to come. For more information on Sierra …

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Collaboration Release: Stone Brewing and Sierra Nevada NxS IPA

IBU: 70 ABV: 8.2% Color: Light amber Hops:Magnum, Amarillo, Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Mosaic Malts: Not Yet Released This co-brew is a fresh dry-hopped IPA blended with an IPA aged in Rye Whiskey barrels and Gin-infused Bourbon barrels.  Stone Brewing NxS release notes.

Limited Release: Ballast Point Victory At Sea Peppermint Imperial Porter

  IBU: 60 ABV: 10.0% Color: Dark amber Hops: Golding, East Kent, Fuggle Malts: Pale, Maris Otter, Black, Caramel An infused robust porter with vanilla and San Diego’s Caffe Calabria coffee beans. The subtle roasted notes and minimal acidity of the cold brewed coffee, balances perfectly with the sweet caramel undertones of the malt. Ballast Point Victory At …

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Seasonal Release: New Belgium Accumulation White IPA

  IBU: 55 ABV: 6.2% Color: Pale golden Hops: Nugget, Centennial, dry hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo Malts: Pale, Wheat Availability Dates: December-February Big and bitter, just what this IPA ordered. Sweetness just barely dents its IBU armor. The addition of wheat is what really smooths out the rough bitter edge. More information on Accumulation.  


Seasonal Release: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

IBU: 65 ABV: 6.8% Color: Light amber Hops: Chinook, Centennial, Cascade Malts: Two-row Pale, Caramel Availability Dates: October-December Brewed especially for the holidays, it is perfect for a festive gathering or for a quiet evening at home. Sierra Nevada slightly alters their recipe every year, changing the flavor characteristics Sierra Nevada’s official Celebration Ale page.

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Seasonal Release: Dogfish Head 75-Minute IPA

IBU: 75 ABV: 7.5% Color: Light amber Hops:  Amarillo, Simcoe, Warrior Malts: Pilsner, Amber Availability Dates: Mid-November-December The carbon dioxide trapped during bottling gives 75 Minute IPA a soft and velvety mouth feel. Dry-hopped with  Cascades, this complex IPA has been known to inspire pilgrimages to our brewpub. More information from Dogfish Head.  

dogfish head 75-minute IPA

Seasonal Release: 21st Amendment Fireside Chat

IBU: 45 ABV: 7.9% Color: Deep Ruby Brown Hops: Magnum, Goldings Malts: Pale, Munich, Wheat, Crystal, Aromatic, Chocolate Malt and De-Bittered Black Availability Dates: October-December Brewed like a classic, warming Strong Ale but with a subtle blend of hand-selected spices for just the right festive flair. 21st Amendment’s official page.

21st Amendment Fireside Chat

Seasonal Release: Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

IBU: 70 ABV: 6.2% Color: Pale golden Hops; Amarillo Malts; 2-Row, Rogue Farms Dare & Risk Availability Dates: November-December Pale golden in color with a hoppy fruit aroma. Big hop flavor up front complemented by medium body and hoppy mid-pallet. Finishes with a characteristic lingering bitterness. More information from Rogue Ales & Spirits.  


Dogs Really Can Fly

Maryland’s own Flying Dog Brewery. Flying Dog Brewery went from the innocence of puppyhood to, for those who lean to the more politically correct, steeped in bad doggery. For those of us who know a great craft brew when we taste it, this is one pooch with excellent taste, a unique sense of creativity and a pair of wings to …

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Festive Foods Craft Style

Holiday foods for the craft brew lover. Coming up with holiday gift ideas for the craft brew drinker in your family can be a bit challenging. What do you get someone who, when not at the local brewpub sampling the latest releases, already has your garage and possibly part of your living room full of fermenting bottles and brewing …

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Deconstructing Craft Beer Poster

Check out’s well designed poster that shows the breakdown of great craft beers. Explore the new Deconstructing Craft Beer poster that textually and visually deconstructs craft beer in a way never seen before. Follow the link below to see the poster and a video. Source: Deconstructing Craft Beer Poster

Craft Beer

Turning Water Into Brew

How the magic of craft brews happen. While sitting at your favorite brew pub sipping on a masterfully crafted brew, have you ever thought to yourself “Where, oh where, do these seemingly effortless creations come from?” Contrary to what you might think, there is no magical beer fountain spewing forth endless bounties of this divine libation. No, it …

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Whatever You Seek, One Brewpub Has Your Taste In Mind

Dogfish Head’s off-center crafted beers, restaurants and Inn. Founded in June 1995, Dogfish Head started off as a one-of-a-kind brewpub and almost thirty years later they continue to follow that trend. Sam Calagione opened the doors to Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, the first brewpub to be established in the resort town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Not …

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Dogfish Head
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